How to Sell to Baseball Card Exchange

Confirmation – This is the first step in the selling process.  A verbal (over the phone or in person) or written confirmation (via email, letter, or fax) from BBCE is acceptable.  Without confirmation, the quantities and quoted prices are not guaranteed.  We will generally honor our offers for one week, after which we reserve the right to withdraw our bids due to ever changing inventory needs.  Please ship your items within 2 business days of confirmation. The sports collectibles industry is very volatile, and receiving timely shipments ensures timely payments.  Do not ship product to us without confirmation; it will be shipped back at your expense.

Organization – Please follow these helpful hints when preparing to ship items to us:
Unopened boxes must have the factory seal intact (when applicable) and be in sellable condition (no tears in the shrinkwrap, no price stickers on the box, free of significant dings and dents)
Hand collated sets must be complete with key cards having 60/40 or better centering (no cards missing, unless agreed otherwise), in numerical order, and boxed (do not ship us sets in binder/pages)
Single cards should be separated logically (by sport, set, year, manufacturer – common sense applies)

Packing – Be sure to pack your items CAREFULLY.  We recommend using sturdy, undamaged boxes (the heavier the item shipped, the sturdier the box should be.)  In addition, use generous amounts of packing foam or material to insulate the product from the sides of the box.  All sealed cases must be double-boxed (shipped in another box.)  Any item received damaged or unfit for resale will not be purchased and will be shipped back.  It is your responsibility to make sure all items reach us in sellable condition.  If you think an item is in questionable condition for resale, please don’t send it.

Shipping – You may ship your items to us any way you wish.  We recommend UPS Ground for both cost efficiency and service.   If you wish to use the US Postal Service, be sure to use the level of service that at the minimum provides tracking of your package.  All of our buy prices reflect what we are paying for delivered items, so you are responsible for shipping costs.  Ship to:

Baseball Card Exchange, Inc.
Attn: Acquisitions

2412 U.S. 41

Schererville, Indiana 46375

Invoicing – Please include a packing slip with any items you are sending to us.  List the contents of the package along with the agreed upon price (a copy of an email message is fine.)  Include your contact information (name, address, phone number, email.)  Without this information, we won’t know where to send payment or how to contact you with any questions.

Payment – Upon receipt of your package, we inspect each item to see if it is in sellable condition and as described.  After your order has been reviewed and accepted, we will mail a company check to you within 24 hours via USPS.  Due to travel schedules and large time-consuming deals, some shipments may take more than a day to process.  Any deal over $2500 will guarantee expedited funds.  Alternately, we can also credit your PayPal account.  Please inquire about the various payment options.

Baseball Card Exchange, Inc. is one of the largest sports collectibles dealers in the industry.  We buy products to resell, and all our buy prices are for hobby boxes in sellable condition, unless otherwise noted.  Each box should be free of any dings or dents, and the factory shrink-wrap must be intact (when applicable.)  On occasion, searched and/or rewrapped product has been sent to us, particularly newer boxes that have been tampered with.  While these remain rare and isolated events, if anyone sends product with the intent to defraud, we reserve the right to have the questionable product seized and file charges against the seller.  We take fraud seriously, and any attempt to defraud us with bogus goods will be dealt with swiftly and firmly.

Revised 5/1/2010