more ... Burbank

Well, we have finished two more pallets.  At this rate it will only take us a year!  Seriously, we have been extremely busy with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials.  Keep an eye out for another special before the holidays!  The pallets we just finished were primarily hockey boxes from about 2000 to 2008.  Lots of small shiny boxes!  That's the good ones right? In the next few days we'll be adding over 130 new products to our site.  This is in addition to the boxes that we have put back in stock.  And oh yeah, we continue to update the pricing to bring you the most competitive prices out there.

Just one more thing......   WOOOOO!!!  If you are one of our local customers, stop in this weekend and meet "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.  He will be making an appearance in the retail store on Saturday.  Tickets are available on the website for autographs and photo ops.  I think there's a couple of the VIP packages left as well.

Thanks, The Crew