Happy New Year! Welcome 2104!

For 2014, Baseball Card Exchange will launch some new things. First of all, one of the comoplaints on our website was that our inventory was not in "real time" with the quantitiy of items we have in stock. We hope to move foward with this issue this year. Currently, we have done better with new vintage unopened matieral. We can now list the quantity we have in stock when we re-stock items. This way if we only have 1 of an item back in stock, the first person to order it will get that item. Anyone who tries to order that item after the first person will now be notified with a "Sold Out". This is being implemented on vintage unopened now (pre-1986) and we hope to have it done for all unopened material sometime this year. Again, if there are any questions or problems with inventory on any product, please call directly and talk to us. We are here to help you.

Next, we will be opening our full time retail store sometime around Opening Day for the 2014 Major League Baseball season. We don't want this to be the average, everyday card shop. Since our complete inventory will be all under one roof in our location (12,000 square feet total) customers will have access to everything that is available on our website, ebay store, etc. We will of course carry all the new unopened products (since that is what a card shop has been "usually" known for), but we also will carry quality autographed memorabilia, all with legitimate certification from only a few reputable authentication companies. We will have a large selection of vintage cards (pre-1980) with an emphasis on 1950's and 1960's in all sports. We plan on having autograph guests coming to the store to sign for the public. We will also have PSA/DNA making stops at our location to authenticate autographs ON THE SPOT. And of course, we will have the vintage unopened material you have come to expect from us!