Black Friday Special!!

Black Friday Specials at Baseball Card Exchange will start at 12:01 A.M. CST Thursday, November 28th, 2013 (That is midnight on Thanksgiving day) and run through 11:59 P.M. CST on Sunday, December 1st, 2013 (That is midnight on Sunday). All orders placed through during that time will receive the following:


Pre-1986 items (and including 1986) get 10% off plus shipping.

Post-1987 items (and including 1987) get 10% off AND free shipping.

Any orders with mix and match of the 1986/87 cutoff will get 10% off plus shipping.


NOTE: I realize that in the past, we used to offer 10% off and free shipping for all products, no matter the year. However, in this bull market of unopened product, we just dont have much pre-1986 material available. Business likes to use the term "replacement cost". In this market, there is no such thing as "replacement cost". My replacement cost is basically having to pay for product at a cost I was selling it for 4-6 months ago! In fact, I will be posting new "buying prices" here shortly. So be prepared to see some huge jumps on our buying prices!


Terms: The minimum purchase to qualify for this special will be $100. Free shipping is up to $40. Orders will be processed in the order received. Orders will be processed as "fill or kill". "Fill or Kill" meaning that if you order 10 items, and we only have 2, you will be charged for 2 and the order will be processed. Free shipping is up to the first $40.00. This means if your shipping charges total $55.00, you will be charged the $15.00 balance. Free shipping applies to Standard USPS and UPS Ground shipping only. All orders will ship on Monday, December 2nd (hopefully)!


Payment: If you choose credit card as payment, we will adjust the 10% discount and shipping charges on our end and charge your card accordingly. If you pay with PayPal, we will refund the discount and shipping fees (if you get free shipping) back to your PayPal account.


International Orders: The minimum purchase to qualify for this special will be $200. Free shipping will be for one USPS Medium Flat Rate Box. A Medium Flat Rate box will typically hold 3-4 boxes. Free shipping or not free shipping will apply by the same 1986/87 rules.


Orders received prior to the start time or after the end time of the Black Friday Specials will be charged invoiced prices.