Day 1 of the National - OK, so it is actually Day 2 since we moved in yesterday and set up most of the display cases and shelving.  Today we started loading the shelves and cases with all of the wax (packs, boxes and cases), PSA graded cards, sets, PSA/DNA autograph items and more.  After a little SNAFU with the size of our display we have crammed everything in.  Tomorrow we will set up the 10 x 10 booth that will have the a selection of modern unopened material including some 2001 Baseball, 2003/04 Basketball, 1998 and 2000 Football, and a great selection of 2005/06 Hockey.  Obviously todays transactions were mostly dealer to dealer.  Sales; complete sets, some cases and a batch of graded cards.  Oh yeah, an unopened case of 1993 SP Baseball.  We really hated to give this one up.  We haven't had a sealed case is a very long time (maybe 1993?).  But we are running a business and not a museum.  Did I mention that somewhere in Rosemont there are foil packs being ripped as we speak blog!  Purchases; a few cases and some boxes of 80's unopened.  And some 1974 Topps Football 2-Card Packs (beauties!!!).  Tomorrow will be a long day 8 a.m. 'til 9 p.m. (?)  Check back and hopefully my fingers 'be as tired as my feet to update the blog.  We'll see you in Rosemont!  Thanks, Steve.