Stanley Cup Special!
Stanley Cup Hockey Special at Baseball Card Exchange!   Starting tonight at 7 P.M. (CST) (about the time the puck drops) and running through 6 A.M. (CST) on Monday, June 17 th , 2013 we will be offering 10% off on all Hockey products and a $20 shipping credit for all order placed through the website. The minimum purchase to qualify for this special will be $150. Orders will be processed in order received. Orders will be processed as 'Fill or Kill'. This means that if you order 10 boxes and we only have 5, you will be charged for the five and the order will be processed. Payment: If you choose credit card as payment, we will adjust the 10% discount and shipping charges on our end and charge your card accordingly. If you pay with PayPal, we will refund the discount and shipping fees back to your PayPal account. 

Orders received prior to the start time or after the end time of the Special will be charged invoiced prices.