A New & Improved Shrink Wrap!!

Over the past few months, Rick has been tinkering around with a new plan to shrink wrap our unopened boxes. In the past we have always used a clear shrink wrap, along with a sticker on the bottom, of all the unopened items that we sell. We do this for a variety of reasons. First of all, its makes for great protection in shipping. Since companies did not wrap boxes with anything in the pre-1990 days, it helps get the item to you in one piece. We still get boxes shipped to us today that the packs are thrown all over in the box it is shipped in! Also, it helps to give the buyer of the item a little more confidence that we inspected the box to make sure it had not been tampered with. By adding the sticker to the bottom, it also helps identify that the box originally came from BBCE, Inc. Believe me, we sure are going to look very closely at the item to make sure of its authenticity before we attach our name to it!!

Starting today, everything that leaves this office will be wrapped in our new company shrink wrap. The company logo and name has been designed and built into the shrink (not stickers or attachments to the shrink). This is kind of what Topps and Upper Deck do with product that comes out today. Personally, I think the new wrap looks awesome! Check out the 3 links below and let us know what you think. Unfortunately, the box doesnt have any packs in it and it just used for display purposes.

Finally, I want to state that this process of shrink wrapping boxes with our company logo and adding a sticker to the bottom is NOT an end all guarantee. We have gone this one step further to help improve confidence and security of the items we sell. However, it is not designed to be 100% fraud proof (its better than the clear shrink wrap). If we ever go one step further and add holograms, sonic sealed holders, etc. we are then talking about a huge increase in cost. I do believe that this step we have taken will really help towards security on our products. Thanks! Steve Hart