A Bad Luck/Good Luck Story For You To Read!
I was in Philadelphia earlier this week buying a few small deals. I met a customer at an Outback Steakhouse to buy an unopened wax box. When we got through eating we went outside and I was going to start my drive back home. Suddenly, the customer I was with noted that I left my back window down in my Ford Explorer. I looked to see and noticed glass shattered all over the ground and all around the window. Holy Crap! Someone shattered the back window out while we were eating! My stomach dropped as I was worried what was stolen. It appeared the thieves got my luggage and my briefcase. However, my briefcase was sitting on top of a factory sealed 1977 Topps baseball wax case that I had picked up earlier in the day. So I guess the thieves opted for my dirty underwear and all my IRS paperwork that I had in my briefcase as that was what I brought along to work on. Good thing they left behind the 1977 Topps wax case and all the other cases I had just picked up! Back luck and good luck all in one single break in!