Where is the Vintage Unopened Matieral??

Over the last several months, we have just not gotten the calls to sell us vintage unopened material. I'm mostly talking pre-1981 stuff. It seems that in all 4 major sports there just hasn't been the material. We could really use just about anything pre-1981, but without much success! I guess this is good news for those of you holding this type of material! Of course, pre-1970 has been nearly impossible to find. But items we used to consider easy (such as 1977 and 1978 Topps baseball wax boxes) just dont pop up as often. Well, we have gotten some of each year in lately (77 and 78) but were completely resealed! Be careful out there. As the pre-1981 stuff gets harder and harder to find, the more resealed junk we will see hitting the market to try to lure in the buyers.

We added some more 1990-2000's unopened basketball and hockey boxes today to the website.

Thanks! Steve