Last Day of the Buying Trip.

Today we made a trip to Lynchburg, Virginia. Getting there with our 15-foot box truck (completely full of cases) through the moutains was awful. I thought we were going to topple over on the sharp turns! Anyway, we rented a second truck (a 24-footer) for this purchase. This deal consisted of around 250 unopened cases and nearly 5000 complete sets (yes, that was 5000!). This gentleman would sort cards every night to make hand collated sets. They are mostly from 1987 on up. I think we bought the worlds supply of topps, fleer, donruss, upper deck, bowman, bowmans best, chrome, heritage, SP, glossy shiny-card refractor die cut numbered card sets!!! So we filled up the 24 foot truck completely with cases and sets. We still left more than half of it behind!!! We will have to go back in a couple weeks to get the rest (with 2 huge trucks again).

I guess this purchase goes to show that we buy everything! Even if sometimes it's newer sets that dont get me excited, we still buy it all. Thanks! Steve