Last Day of the Show

Last day for the card show here in Valley Forge. Sales/purchases were very slow here. The crowd was kind of thick at times, but Hunt had great autograph guests here for the public! We didnt really buy much to speak of. We did pick up a nice 1977 Topps football box and 1977/78 Topps basketball packs that we are going to sell by the pack once we get back to the office. We area always out of those packs and they sell very well.

Most of our sales this time was for PSA graded Hall-of-Famers and not too much in unopened material. We had lots of people asking if we brought certain items with that are on our website(unopened stuff). However, we can't bring everything, so I guess it's going to have to be shipped.

Anyone who submitted packs at this show can be happy to know that I did all the authentication here. Therefore, the turnaround time should be very quick!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by just to say hello! It's nice to be able to match faces with people we speak with on the phone all the time.

Thanks! Steve