Philly Show Review

It is the last day here at the Philly show and will probably be a slow day. Football kicks off in a few hours and it may be a ghost town here then! The whole show has pretty much been slow and unexciting. We did however purchase 2 really interesting rare items! The first item was a case of 1976 Topps football rack packs. Case contains 3 boxes, each box with 24 rack packs. That is a pretty rare case that we haven't seen in a loooonnng time. The next item that we bought I don't think I have ever owned. A complete 24-pack box of 1971/72 Topps basketball wax packs. Earlier this year I had some full boxes of 1971 Topps baseball that are very, very rare. This basketball box however is much rarer than the baseball box! I have owned more 1961/62 Fleer basketball unopened product than 71/72 Topps basketball product!! What makes this box special too is that it still contains the original Topps insert piece on top and the 24 packs are just mint. They appear to never have seen the light of day and are glossy as can be. We will be updating the website this week when we return home. Thanks!! Steve