National Convention Day 3!

   OK, I missed writing the blog last night. I had a 24-hour flu bug or ate something Tuesdat night that ruined me. I was sick all day on Wednesday and when the show ended at 9:00 pm, I went straight to sleep.
   I felt much better today and had a busy show. The most exciting part was the guys who opened 2 packs of 1955 Topps All-American Cello packs. Each pack had 20 cards and had many Hall-of-Famers. The best cards from the packs got graded by PSA with excellent results! There was a Don Hudson and a Knute Rockne that came back as PSA GEM MINT 10's! There was also a 4-Horseman PSA MINT 9! The cards were just amazing.
   We had a busy day, but didnt really buy anthing exciting from the people there. We did buy an 80/81 OPC hockey box that is a really hard box to find. The box was really fresh and mint too!

  Will check back in tomorrow night with anything new and exciting! Steve