Cleveland National 2009!

We are on our way to Cleveland for the National Convention as I write this. Kind of bumpy trying to type from the passenger seat!

If you plan on attending the convention this weekend, please stop by our booths (#1608 and #1612) to say hello! We will have all types of unopened material for sale.

I will write a blog each day from the convention on anything exciting that happens. Look for it each evening throughout this week.

Our show has started with an exciting purchase already. Late last week I got a phone call from someone who said they bought about 1800 cards from the early 50's at an estate sale. They proceeded to tell me that the cards were "mint". Well after 20 years of buying from everywhere you can think of, I usually know what to expect when someone tells me they have "mint" cards. Most of the time I get there the persons definition of "mint" is that the cards are still in 1 piece!! So without having very high hopes we made the stop to see them. These cards turned out to be the best raw cards from the early 50's that I have ever seen. Someone must have opened the packs and never touched them again. There were about 75 cards from 1952 (all from the mid series) total. Somehow around 50 of them were dead centered both ways and all NM-MT to MINT. I don't know how that was possible! If you opened 15 packs of 1952 Topps cards today they would have centerng all over the place. There were also no doubles. Maybe someone back then threw away the doubles and kept the centered ones only? Just amazing how most all the cards were centered. The same thing with the 1953 Topps and 1955 Topps. There were also a large chunk of non-sports from the same era. Including some Davy Crockett cards with both Orange and Green backs that  were just beautiful. This was by far the highest group of raw graded cards I have ever bought. I will be submitting several hundred cards to PSA Wednesday at the show. I will post the results on some of them to let you know just how beautiful the cards were.

I guess it just goes to show you that raw mint stuff is still sitting in attics and in shoeboxes (which is what the cards were still in!!)

Be back tomorrow night! Steve