Re-Sealed Unopened Material

Lately it appears that EVERY package that comes in from someone trying to sell me stuff is tampered with or completely re-sealed. I tend to believe that 90% of the customers trying to sell me stuff do not know it themselves, but got burned along the way by another scumbag. We have seen it all lately. There has been resealed boxes of 1975,1976,1977 and 1978 Topps baseball. 1975/76 Topps hockey. 1984 Donruss baseball. 19986 Fleer basketball. 1977 Topps football. 1970 Topps baseball. Packs from the 50's and 60's. And for anyone out there who thinks that rack packs are the hardest/most difficult, think again! We have gotten numerous re-sealed 1971 Topps baseball and football racks. 1968 Topps baseball racks. 1975 Topps baseball racks. They are the hardest to detect, but are being done the most (due to them being the hardest to detect).

I am going to say that most of this stuff is coming from ebay. I would estimate that 75% of all the stuff on ebay is resealed garbage. Customers are buying it from ebay and then offering it to me at a profit. Unfortunately, the stuff is no good. This hurts everyone in this aspect of the hobby/business. It brings down the prices of the REAL/AUTHENTIC unopened stuff. I've heard in the past that at the BBCE we sell stuff 20-30% higher than normal, but you get good stuff that you pay for. The problem here I see is that we are 20-30% higher than realized prices on ebay. HOWEVER, if it is 20-30% cheaper than our prices and it's 100% no good, did you really save anything?? We would GLADLY pay the prices that stuff seems to end up at on ebay. However, its mostly garbage.

Be careful our there! We would gladly offer our opinion on something before you buy it or after you purchase it for free. Thanks, Steve Hart