DAY #3!

Today we made 2 stops in PA. The first one was for mostly unopened basketball stuff. We bought some of the following products: 77/78 Topps basketball and hockey, some cases of 1981 Donruss Golf, some 1982 Donruss Golf (We haven't had that product in a long time!), some 1988/89 Fleer basketball including a full case, several 89/90 Fleer basketball cases, a few cases of 1979/80 Topps basketball wax boxes, 80/81 Topps basketball boxes, 81/82 Topps basketball and of course, dozens of cases of junk basketball wax. There seems to be an endless supply on the junk wax! However, we always need it so supply the customers who want it!

The second stop was a waste of time as it turned out to be nothing but a few loose odds and ends we didnt even offer on. Oh well, these types of deals happen once in awhile. Tomorrow is an exciting day as we will be purchasing a few hundred cases and boxes with some awesome product! Will check back in then, Steve