DAY #2!
Today we made 3 stops in and around New York city. What an awful day of driving! You can't take trucks on any parkways in NY, so that means our box truck wasn't welcome on most of the roads we needed to take. This made for some fun traveling through Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. We could barely fit our truck down some of the one way streets in Brooklyn without coming within inches of the cards parked on both sides of the road! We only managed to buy some 50's and 60's sets in offgrade condition. We did look at some nicer sets with some nice non-sports also. However, we couldn't come to terms with the owners of the cards. We did pick up some mid's 70's unopened football wax and cello boxes. And of course, we got the usual junk wax. I think if someone could come up with a way to turn junk wax back into the trees they were made from then you could really make some serious money! Be back tomorrow evening, Steve