DAY #1!

Today we spent the whole day driving from the office in Lynwood, IL to Mahwah, NJ. No stops, just driving.

However, during the past week one of our stops on this trip actually made the drive to our office! I guess it saved us a little time as he was slightly out of our way on the trip. We purchased some Topps baseball vending cases from 1974,1976 and 1977. There was also a 1977 Topps football vending case. These tough cases just haven't been popping up at all over the past few years! There was also some 1976 Topps football cello boxes and some 1968 Topps baseball vending boxes! The 1968 boxes spoke to me to open them, so I gave in. The cards were absolute mint bricks, but just short on centering. If it was 50/50 left right, then they were 70/30 top/bottom. If they were 50/50 top/bottom, then they were 70/30 left/right. Oh well, it was fun and something I rarely ever do (rip open unopened product!) However, there is no way a can sell a couple of 1968 Topps baseball vending boxes as "unopened" when I have no idea the history of the boxes. Cards from vending boxes were packed alot looser than vending boxes from the 70's and 80's, so cards can easily be pulled in and out of the boxes.

Will check in tomorrow. Thanks! Steve