OK, so last night I feel asleep in the hotel room and didn't quite update the blog with day 3. Therefore.....

 Day 3 started out in CT by picking up some junk unopened cases, boxes and sets. We then drove to New York and bought some more junk wax. It wasn't much of an exciting day, but that was all in the schedule.

 Day 4. This was one of the days we were looking foward to. We started early in the morning in NJ and filled 10 full pallets with unopened cases! We shrinkwrapped them and then loaded them up on a 53 foot semi and sent them back to the warehouse. This deal had some pretty cool cases and boxes in it. There was some 86 Fleer basketball boxes, some 79/80 Toppp hockey boxes, a run of Topps baseball vending cases from 1977 on up. There also was a sealed case of 1989 Score football wax. There was some 1990 Leaf cases and some other interesting items. It didn't have much post 1992, except for some 2001 cases with Pujhols and 2000 cases of football with Tom Brady. Hopefully we can get all this stuff up on the website next week.

      Since that took up most of the day, we only had time to make one more stop today. At this place, we bought a partial 1940 Playball set that was pretty clean, a 1969 Topps Super baseball set and some late 1970's Topps sets.

      Tomorrow, we drive down south into North Carolina and will report then! Thanks! Steve