1990 Topps Baseball Cello Box

24 cello packs per box, 31 cards per pack

Key Rookies: Frank Thomas, Sammy Sosa, Juan Gonzalez, Larry Walker, Bernie Williams

Key card possible: Frank Thomas (No Name on Front variation)

The Frank Thomas card (#414A) was printed without his name on the front, as well as portions of the black borders being omitted, creating a scarce variation. Several additional cards in the set were subsequently discovered missing portions of the black borders or missing some of the black printing in the backgrounds of the photos that occured in the same printing that created the Thomas error. These cards are rarely seen and the Thomas card, for a newer issue, has experienced unprecedented growth as far as value. (Beckett.com)

Topps made a special card of President George Bush with the 1990 design, and presented him with copies that were not meant for distribution, but mysteriously some made their way into general distribution. There are documented cases of collectors receiving this card in packs. A PSA 8 copy sold in September 2010 for $5,000.

1990 Topps George Bush

SOLD: $19.00
1990 Topps Baseball Cello Box
1990 Topps Baseball Cello Box
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